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There’s Good Reason to Stop by the NetIQ Booth at the Gartner IAM Summit

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As I'm sure the IAM and Security heads know, next week is Gartner's bi-annual Identity and Access Management (IAM) Summit in Grapevine, Texas. If you're going, perhaps you've been assigned to gather information about some complex IAM decisions that need to be made. Or possibly your org is planning some upgrades that need to be vetted. Or maybe your environment is such that you've:

There’s Good Reason to Stop by the NetIQ Booth at the Gartner IAM Summit

  • Been managing homegrown or multiple point solutions and your organization is at a point where they want to upgrade to a cohesive IAM infrastructure.
  • Bumped into some crucial limitations in your current implementation affecting your business.
  • Been exploring ways for your organization to expand its business models dependent on greater engagement with its digital users (consumer, B2B, internal), requiring robust identity verification across various use cases, including mobile.

Or, perhaps your objectives are more high-level or strategic such as your organization desiring to securely interact with IoT devices or your security teams wishing to incorporate the power of artificial intelligence (AI) in protecting against outsiders.

Perhaps it's something more basic, like learning how to establish processes and policies that make more effective use of digital employees or more value to digital customers.

Regardless of why you're attending the Gartner Identity & Access Management Summit, there are more reasons than getting the latest scope on the NetIQ line: our partner Novacoast will be with us in the booth, too. Backed by extensive experience with hundreds of successful large-scale identity projects, Novacoast has as much NetIQ hands-on experience as anyone. Their attendance will include Jim Gerken, the Director of their Identity Practice. Jim and his team have provided consulting and solutions in the Identity space for over 20 years to organizations of varied size, maturity, complexity, and industry worldwide.

Beyond our partner Novacoast, two of our most senior solution architects within the NetIQ group, Kevin Prior and Gary Gilbert, will also be available for consultations at the booth. In other words, for this year's Gartner IAM Summit, NetIQ and Novacoast will provide a deep bench to answer your IAM questions.

As a Global Solutions Architect, Kevin Prior is a technical expert guiding new IAM integration projects. Kevin's architecture expertise is built on top of a decade-plus of security operations experience.

As our other Solutions Architect, Gary Gilbert has 20+ years of experience as an information security management (ISM) consultant focusing on IAM. While Gary is well-versed across all IAM disciplines, his knowledge is especially deep in access management.

Considering all the true IAM experts that OpenText is sending to this year's Gartner IAM Summit, I'm not expecting a line forming to speak with me, but I'm always happy to chat. Even if you don't have a burning IAM problem or question, please stop by our Gartner IAM Summit Booth 322 and say "hi" regardless. 

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