Top 5 Reasons Voltage SecureMail is in the Top 5 Email Encryption Tools

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In today’s world, email encryption is no longer an option but a necessity of every organization. Internet privacy concerns are very real requiring enterprises to protect sensitive information and ensure secure collaboration and email in the cloud. Regulations demand encryption to comply with all of the privacy legislations to protect data. And of course – hacking is a big business. Data breaches are on the rise and email is the preferred channel to launch target attacks. To avoid business risks, you have to securely protect data that you do not want anyone else to have access to.

Top 5 Reasons Voltage SecureMail is in the Top 5 Email Encryption Tools.pngRecently, David Strom of CSO published a feature story identifying The top 5 email encryption tools: More capable, better integrated. They included a wide array of companies, all completely different, but according to David, all the same as they are all evolving. He further describes them as being more capable and better integrated because most of these vendors have expanded their products to include anti-phishing, anti-spam, and data loss prevention (DLP). These vendors have certainly expanded their focus from a silo approach of only end point encryption to a full email protection portfolio in most cases. This is but one trend that David identifies in this article. Additional trends include that partnerships have become more important and email authentication protocols are becoming more of the norm highlighting the fact that email encryption has changed significantly and that these top 5 tools are leading the way.

So here are my top 5 reasons that Voltage SecureMail ended up Strom's article, The Top 5 Email Encryption Tools:

  1. It is the world’s most widely-deployed email encryption solution with over 75 million users worldwide
  2. SecureMail provides end-to-end protection. New support is being added for Outlook Web Access and Office 365 including MAC support. In addition SecureMail will be supporting Chrome plugin, extension for Google.
  3. Powerful enterprise collaboration, compliance, and ease-of-use features. SecureMail has Mobile clients for IOS, Android, and Blackberry devices with plans to add more in the near future.
  4. SecureMail works with DMARC and SPF email protocols and continue to evaluate others.
  5. Voltage has added policy-based content inspection and unstructured data protection with the addition of Voltage SmartCipher through the acquisition of Covertix technology in 2018.

Due to growing email usage and continued exposure, enterprises are reviewing their email encryption processes and evaluating what is available now and coming soon. Their business drivers include the need for persistent encryption from endpoint to endpoint, data privacy and compliance, transparent to end user, and privacy protection with security in the cloud. SecureMail offer the best protection and solution to address all of these concerns. The above 5 reasons highlight why SecureMail is in the top 5 email encryption tools. For more information on SecureMail please visit our SecureMail product page  or download this Rethink Email Encryption white paper.


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