What is Seamless Application Security Testing and Why is it Important?

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Seamless [seem-lis]
Smoothly continuous or uniform in quality: combined in an inconspicuous way
A seamless blend of art and entertainment 

What is Seamless Application Security Testing and Why is it Important2.pngSmoothly continuous. In a time when applications are growing more and more complex and being delivered faster than ever before, having your software development lifecycle smoothly continuous seems like a pipedream, and it is. Having no bumps, twists and turns throughout the SDLC is not an achievable goal, but setting your organization and it’s processes up to get as close to seamless is. 

So, what is Seamless Application Security? Seamless Application Security is about making AppSec an integral part of the software lifecycle without creating additional burden for the stakeholders.  In most organizations today, application security is isolated to a specific team who gets involved in the final stages of development and is perceived as an inhibitor of speed. This approach, combined with the demand being put on software teams from businesses, will never create an SDLC that is seamless. However, by thinking about security from the early stages of the lifecycle and building the AppSec testing throughout, there is no need to compromise security for speed. 

Businesses, teams and software are changing at a rapid pace. In fact, businesses believe that by 2020, each application will need to be released 30 times a year to keep up with the demands from customers and partners. The longer these organizations wait to create programs and processes that seamlessly work together, the harder the task will be. 

So how can you make application security seamless for your organization? In the newest whitepaper from Micro Focus Fortify, Seamless Application Security: Security at the Speed of DevOps, we answer this question and more. With a breakdown of the current state of software, challenges of application security testing today, 5 steps to make application security seamless and a guide on how to get started, this whitepaper is a must read! 

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