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What’s New with Voltage File Analysis Suite 3.8: Privacy and Flexibility

by Micro Focus Employee in CyberRes

As data discovery becomes increasingly ingrained in the flow of business, it helps establish a framework for privacy compliance and cost containment, but more importantly it provides a wider opportunity to build insight that can drive data ethics and data trust – two key components for harnessing data for competitive advantage and top-level business growth.

What’s New with Voltage File Analysis Suite 3.8 Privacy and FlexibilityWith the release of Voltage File Analysis Suite 3.8 we continue to expand our privacy-enhancing technologies to mesh with customer data eco-systems and improve privacy postures while doubling down on SaaS to offset talent shortages and reduce complexity.

Many organizations have metadata tagging in place and prefer a common nomenclature for data that is in use (e.g., DLP tags) or data analyzed during discovery. The Voltage FAS REST API has been expanded to support external metadata and third party tagging to further augment analysis. In Voltage FAS 3.8 we have also added native support for Microsoft Purview Information Protection. Customers can now leverage their E5 licenses for Office 365 to tag new unmanaged content in Voltage FAS.

Protecting customer data is not a luxury any business can ignore – even with market downturns, or talent and resource constraints. Voltage FAS  can assist customers in this environment in many ways. Data discovery can be delivered as a service across the public or private cloud, and with the support of our MSP implementation partners around the world, we are helping customers improve risk mitigation while maximizing their compliance spend and budgets.

Voltage FAS 3.8 improves privacy compliance in the public cloud with ephemeral analysis and tagging of sensitive data – helping organizations support data sovereignty, data residency, and data localization obligations by safeguarding personally identifiable information in the cloud.

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