Why Focusing on Active Directory Enhancements Helps Prevent Data Breaches

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According to HG Insights, 19,335 companies use Microsoft Active Directory to centrally management authentication and authorization of access to networks and IT services. IT administrators using Active Directory need to assure the security, availability and integrity. However, Active Directory requires more than just delegating permissions or changing access policies. Today, IT governance auditors requires proof that policies and security procedures are enforced. This includes all changes to authentication and authorization are tracked.

Why Focusing on Active Directory Enhancements Helps Prevent Data BreachesHowever, for IT administrators, the security, availability, and integrity of Microsoft Active Directory requires more than just delegating permissions or changing group memberships. This task also requires proof that policies and procedures are enforced, and those changes are tracked. To do this, additional tools are needed.

To give you an idea of the scope of the nearly 20,000 organizations that use Active Directory – here is a map of just the USA to provide context around the number of companies that IT admins face when managing Active Directory and proving that access and authorization policies are enforced.

Companies using Microsoft Active Directory

The challenge for Active Directory admins is that today’s threat and compliance mandate landscape makes it difficult to ensure the security and integrity of Active Directory access and authorization permission services.

A solution to this challenge is to leverage technologies that can automate, delegate, and manage AD processes to demonstrate that appropriate security and compliance policies are being enforced. Here’s how NetIQ can help you manage your Microsoft Active Directory environment.  


Organizations need to ensure the security of both, workforce and customer information to protect privacy due to regulations such as GDPR, and individual state privacy laws from California, Colorado and Massachusetts, just to name a few. Privacy requirements have become very important recently. Therefore, organizations can benefit from solutions that help Active Directory admins maintain privacy of personal information.

Recent challenges for some organizations is managing security and privacy across multiple environments such as on-prem and cloud (such as Azure). The NetIQ portfolio can help here using its AD Bridge technology


Did you know? The majority of data breaches such as the recent Colonial Pipeline incident and the Solar Winds hack were a result of a lack of a more secure privileged account management strategy?

By combining NetIQ AD Bridge with Directory and Resource Manager (DRA), organizations can achieve more granular control of on-premises, and cloud Active Directory environment, including managing privileged accounts.

An enterprise-scale directory and resource management product, DRA controls and manages Active Directory administration. Its powerful policy-based management, coupled with its safe, distributed administration, dramatically reduces administration efforts and costs. DRA provides increased data security while protecting the integrity of your Active Directory content. 

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