Why Has Test Data Become a Challenge?

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In order to test application features, you need test data, and this data must represent real data so that all functional testing can be provided. In addition, generating large volumes of data is required for testing the performance of the database and application. 

Why has test data become a challengeData privacy laws have changed the landscape of test data generation. Companies using production data with unprotected sensitive structured data in test environments are not compliant with GDPR or local data privacy regulations. A test data management solution that is both secure and compliant needs to automate data privacy and protection for compliance of regulated production data to allow use for application testing, QA, and training. 

These global and local data privacy laws prohibiting enterprises from using real data for testing, require that businesses find a solution that can generate protected and anonymized data that closely simulates real data. Moreover, masked data needs to be irreversible but workable for engineering and QA teams without needing to change application interfaces. The solution needs to be scalable and fast to enable the rapid production of masked data sets on-demand. It is no longer okay to allow testing groups, especially 3rd party, to see personal and sensitive data (a.k.a., a copy of production data.) Data privacy laws prohibit it.

Structured Data Manager (SDM) offers secure and compliant test data management, providing a comprehensive solution to address the privacy needs of enterprises with sensitive data. The solution provides a single solution for sensitive data discovery, extraction, and anonymization, to deliver test data that closely matches production data and is compliant with data privacy regulations. 

Because test data should not contain real personal data, SDM allows you to: 

  • Discover personal and sensitive data in any database to ensure you protect it
  • Generate production-like data
  • Offer a protected test data repository consolidating test data across all data sources - a single place to find reusable test data and a shield protecting access to production databases 

SDM has been described as an enterprise solution that scales to meet the requirements set by the user. And scalability to cover the entire process from discovery to remediation in a single solution.

To Protect it, First You Have to Find it

Finding your sensitive data is a precursor to protecting it. Whether you are protecting data to be compliant with data privacy laws or using production data for testing, the process is the same; first discover, then protect.

Saltworks Security – an Orasi company, has partnered with us to offer a free data discovery assessment as a first step for integrating data privacy. 

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