Why is “Identity Powers Everything” the right approach to security?

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This week, we are busy making preparations for our sponsorship of the 2019 Gartner Identity & Access Management Summit in London, March 7-8. Micro Focus is very pleased to participate as a sponsor again this year and excited to speak with business and IT leaders from all over Europe. Our key message for the summit is “Identity Powers Everything” and I thought it would be a great topic for today’s blog.

Why should identity power everything?

 Many organizations do not fully utilize Identity and Access Management (IAM) to support their overarching security initiatives. One of the largest reasons is because IAM teams and security teams are often two completely different groups of IT professionals, with different areas of focus. IAM teams are all about getting business users the right access to do their jobs, while security teams focus on defending the organization from external and internal threats.

Despite the siloes, the fact is that both groups have the same ultimate goal—to protect sensitive information from misuse or theft using a method that is transparent and convenient for users. More and more IT leaders realize this, and see the tremendous value an IAM solution can bring to almost any security initiative.

Taking an identity-centric approach to security can help you reduce risk, improve user experience, drive innovation and increase the value you are providing to the business. Aggregating identity information across your IT infrastructure provides context around an identity (person, service, application, device, thing, etc.) so security teams can recognize—and address—potential attacks faster than ever before thought possible.

If you are just beginning your identity-powered journey, my advice is to ensure that your IAM solution is comprehensive and well-implemented. Start by evaluating your organization in three key areas:

  • Access Management – Find ways to simplify the complexity, typical of cloud and hybrid environments, to deliver a seamless user experience. Capabilities such as single sign-and risk-based authentication will help you keep resources secure while delivering authentication and access that is friction-less as possible.
  • Privileged Identity Management – Most data breaches are connected to privileged credentials that have been misused or compromised. It is vital to have a plan in place to mitigate your risk by discovering your privileged identities, implementing identity-powered privileged access controls, and monitoring privileged activity.
  • Identity Governance & Administration – You should manage identity and access holistically. Admins need insight and analytics to manage secure, yet efficient, operations – understanding how resources are being used, and by who. Also, ensure business managers have clear guidance when asked to approve or recertify access, so they can make informed decisions.

Here at Micro Focus, we use our broad experience and expertise to help customers implement a comprehensive identity-powered security strategy. If you plan to attend the 2019 Gartner Identity & Access Management Summit, we encourage you to visit the Micro Focus booth #10 and to join our session, Evading Death by Silver Bullet, on Thursday at 01:35 PM. Our session will offer insights and real-world examples on how a holistic approach to security is much more effective in addressing critical needs, like breach defense and DevSecOps.

Learn more about how Micro Focus can support your identity-powered security strategy, or feel free to contact us.


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