Data Discovery has been upgraded to 3.2

over 1 year ago

Attached are the release notes from the new release of Data Discovery. All existing tenants have been upgraded and are now live.

Existing agents will need to be upgraded using the following procedure; 

1.Revoke Agent from Cluster using Data Discovery UI

2.Uninstall agent on local windows server

3.Download new agent using Data Discovery UI

4.Install new agent on local windows server

5.Follow prompts to register the agent gateway URL on local windows server

6.Assign agent to the cluster using Data Discovery UI

Note this procedure will not be required for future updates and no re-indexing of content required.

I will post a video before the end of the week including a description of the new features including the new grammar countries and regions, workbook templates and new risk score analysis.

There is also a new administration role for the Rest API. Next week I will publish a "Getting Started Guide" for the Rest API. 

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