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DRA 10 web client: Improve multiple object edit

Status : New Idea
1 month ago

The DRA 10 web client UI for editing multiple objects seems broken or is at least unintuitive.

The EDIT button for editing a field is situated below the field it edits, and the spacing between the items seems broken; sometimes the EDIT button overlaps a field. See screen shot:

Placing the EDIT buttons below the fields they edit is (in my opinion) a confusing UX. I think it would be better if the EDIT buttons were in-line with the fields they edit instead of below the fields.

In addition, there seems to be a bug: If I customize the properties form and specify a field as hidden, the multi-object edit page shows an EDIT button for the hidden field (even though the field is not visible). I have opened a support case for this issue (00741023).



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