NESCM user lookup failure

Good afternoon we have started moving to production with our PIV card
and two factor authentication.

In the initial testing things went very smoothly, almost no errors, and
those that we came across did not seem to slow up the progress.

However now that we have started moving to production we are seeing
some additional errors.

1.) The IAS client was through the trial activation period, what effect
can that have on trying to log on using the Smart Card? (We have since
added a license number for 35 pilot users but I would like to know the
overall effect in any case)

2.) When trying to use the Smart Card for log on we are seeing the

Enhanced Smart Card

User Lookup Failed: unable to contact server

we have tried to fill in the IP address of the LDAP server (alone),
have added the port number (389 is blocked in our environment, so just
using 636), and have changed the time out values and basically keep
getting the error from above, "user lookup failed: unable to contact

Any thoughts?

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