Challenge Set: Number of Random Questions Presented to Users

I have a challenge set with a mix of required and random questions.
Today we decided to increase the number of random questions presented to
our users. No changes were made to the questions themselves. My initial
thought was that users would immediately start to have to answer a few
more questions. However, that was not what happened. After testing a
couple of accounts, I noticed that at a minimum users will have to log
into User App once to start being presented with the additional random
questions. This is all on eDirectory 8.8.8 with IDM 4.0.2 and latest
patches on everything. User Apps is the password management

Is there something I can do as an admin to require users to immediately
be prompted with the updated number of questions? Having to wait for
every single user to log into User App to reset whatever setting or
attribute that retains that information is not what we had in mind.

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  • To me this sounds like a User Application bug, particularly since you need
    to log into the User Application once to have the changed policy somehow
    apply. As a result, you may want to consider posting in the UserApp
    forum, but since this piece has been replaced by SSPR as of IDM 4.5 I
    would not expect a lot of changes going forward other than if you can
    duplicate it with SSPR as well (which may be possible, and probably much
    easier than with the UserApp).

    Have you tried just doing an NMAS-based login as the user via a Novell
    Client, LDAP (assuming you have LDAP to try NMAS first), etc. to see if a
    mere login of any kind of all that is required to apply the policy? If
    that worked, perhaps things will sort themselves out after all as users
    login to LDAP for various services, or their workstations with the Novell

    Good luck.

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