Uninstalling NICI Keys, to Successfully install eDirectory 8.8 in Windows 2003

over 15 years ago


You may need to uninstall NICI keys in order to successfully install eDirectory 8.8 or later in Windows 2003.


Note: This solution is for testers. It works in an environment with Windows 2003, eDirectory 8.8 or later, and any version of NICI.

1. Uninstall NICI from Control panel add/remove programs.

2. Go to C:\WINDOWS\system32\Novell\NICI. Note that you cannot remove the system folder that has the keys.

3. Go to Properties of the system folder.

4. Click Security and then OK.

5. Choose Advanced > Owner > Administrator.

6. Select "Replace owner on subcontainer and objects" option and click Apply. Now you have the correct permissions on the system folder.

7. Remove the entire NICI folder.


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