Another Workaround for ConsoleOne Templates

over 16 years ago


In the Cool Solutions article "Workarounds for ConsoleOne Templates (, Peter suggests using ConsoleOne over NWAdmin in order to avoid LDAP issues. I have a few things to add to his comments.

The problem that TID 10075451 talks about is the need for a UniqueID attribute on each user, which ConsoleOne by default populates with the value of CN. For example, you could create a user BobSmith, CN=BobSmith and UniqueID=BobSmith, but NWAdmin does not populate this attribute.


If you're using LDAP utilities that require UniqueID, here's a workaround:

  1. Go to the LDAP Group object for the LDAP server.

  • In the Attribute Mappings page, change the LDAP UID to NDS UniqueID mapping, to point at the NDS CN.

Note: Be sure that this mapping is what you want, as it will affect all servers associated with the LDAP group.


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