over 12 years ago
download url: http://www.champwilde.f9.co.uk/idmphp/expusers/expusers.zip
home page url: http://www.champwilde.f9.co.uk/idmphp/expusers/

This script can produces output in two forms.
Firstly emails to users whose accounts are about to expire, requesting them to ask their line manager to ask for an account extension if required.
Secondly a web page with a list of users whose accounts have or shortly will expire so that the Support staff can delete unused accounts or extend the expiry date if an account will continue to be used.

The login/control screen lists three main conditions:

  • List accounts due to expire during next: n Day(s).

  • List Accounts expired during previous: n Day(s).

  • Do not list accounts unused for more than: n Day(s).

For an account to be listed on the results page all three conditions must be met.


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