Data Discovery identifies and protects your unstructured data

over 1 year ago


Data Discovery identifies and protects your unstructured data

We are pleased to announce the new release of Micro Focus Data Discovery 3.3, the latest version of our SaaS-based File Analysis Suite. Data Discovery gives organizations multi-repository management and review across enterprise data. Identify, collect, and organize content to ensure the discovery of sensitive data. Data Discovery quickly and easily empowers customers to identify business data and take action on it.

Summary of enhancements includes:

  • New option to index document metadata only.
  • Data process monitoring on background tasks.
  • New document grid view to identify files for more detailed analysis.
  • Updated navigation panel for all UIs.
  • New workspace template including new categories.
  • Updates that provide a more interactive and intuitive user interface.

Additionally, multiple enhancements to Connect, Analyze, and Manage within Data Discovery 3.3 enrich the overall document processing experience.


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