Getting started with the Data Discovery Rest API

over 1 year ago

Data Discovery has a Rest based APIs (Gateway Service) which represents many of the features that are shown in the standard web user interface. Each call needs to first gain an authentication token from Keycloak which can then be added as a parameter to the feature calls which in the main are named similar to the labelled features in the user interface. The tokens provide secure communications over the API but do expire after a period of time, similar to the login timeout on the web interface. New tokens can be retrieved or existing tokens refreshed for continuous operation.

Attached is a guide with some examples to get you started.

As with all product APIs it’s important to state there is always a risk associated with the use of API and it’s the responsibility of those writing the integrations to ensure that there is no adverse impact on the production tenant. Therefore it is suggested only use API with the help from a Data Discovery Subject Matter Expert (SME) e.g. Micro Focus or enabled partner. If incorrect method calls are made it is possible to cause problems on your tenant. Suggest all integrations are reviewed by the SME. You could use Micro Focus professional services or your service provider partner to test out the integration on a demo instance before applying in production. Micro Focus support will be able to provide general advice on the rest based APIs but will not be able to approve specific custom code.


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