NFR V2.0.2 available yet?

This is very odd.
I can see only NFR2.0.1 for download, but when I follow the links for NFR Documentation it takes me to the NFR2.0.2 version.
We are waiting for the MS-SQL support before implementing so can get nowhere until this release drops.
  • File Reporter 2.0.2 Released

    Today we released Novell File Reporter 2.0.2. Product enhancements include:

    • The option to utilize either a PostgreSQL or a Microsoft SQL Server 2012 database
    • The ability to report on administrative shares
    • A new Configuration Dashboard
    • The ability to change the data font in reports
    • Performance enhancements
    • Bug fixes

    For specifics on performance enhancements and bug fixes, refer to the product Release Notes located here

    You can download Novell File Reporter 2.0.2 here.


    The Novell File Reporter Documentation Guy