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Fortify SAML SSO setup

I am trying to set up SAML SSO for fortify 20.1 and currently the SAML SSO is not happening.

When i goto my ssc url, it asks for my SSO credentials and then it takes me to the fortify login page and asks for local credentials.

Can anyone who have faced a similar issue, help me out here please.

Here are my values from fortify.

IdP metadata location file:///opt/tomcat/apache-tomcat-8.5.76/webapps/metadata/idp-metadata.xml
Default IdP - same as entity id in my idp-metadata file
SP entity ID  https://fortifyhost/ssc
SP alias - urn:ssc:saml
SAML name identifier - NameID
while doing my settings from idp side , i mentioned assertion cosumer url as "https://fortifyhost/ssc/saml/SSO/alias/urn:ssc:saml"
what am i doing wrong here.
I tried making SP identity id and SP alias same,and in that case also i got error from IDP side.
error from ssc.log
2022-05-11 10:45:23,139 /ssc/saml/SSO/alias/urn:ssc:saml [ERROR] org.opensaml.common.binding.decoding.BaseSAMLMessageDecoder - SAML message intended destination endpoint 'https://fortifyhost/ssc/saml/SSO/alias/urn:ssc:saml' did not match the recipient endpoint 'http://fortifyhost/ssc/saml/SSO/alias/urn:ssc:saml'

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