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c++ headers are not found by fortify's msbuild

there is a simple project that i want to scan with fortify sca 19.

when i use VS2017's msbuild, it builds the project but when i use fortify provided msbuild, it says: "Cannot open include file: 'stdio.h'".

i tried to add whatever environment variables i could but still getting this error.

i don't know if it helps but i scan .net code just fine, seems c++ configurations are messed up.

  • Suggested Answer

    I didnt think Fortify provides an msbuild?

    First - check if your SCA is compatible with your MSVS - ie look in the system and software requirments

    Then build without fortify - as you suggested you did

    sourceanalyzer -b pants -clean

    sourceanalyzer -b pants -debug -verbose -logfile tran.log msbuild.exe MyProject.proj -t:rebuild

    sourceanalyzer -b pants -debug -verbose -logfile scan.log -scan -f result.fpr

    Check the logs - were any files translated? If no - at least you have the logs to raise a case with MicroFocus