WebInspect Offline updating

Dear all,

I have WebInspect installed in an offline server and that server would be unable to access the Internet and hence SmartUpdate. Would there be a way for me to manually update it via another computer that has access to Internet? For example being able to download the new patch into a computer that has access to Internet and then transferring it to the computer with WebInspect and manually updating it.




  • Aaron,

    If you're referring to the binary iteslf - i.e. upgrading to a newer version of WebInspect - then yes you can simply download the latest version from https://softwaresupport.hpe.com.

    For the securebase updates, however (updates to the vuylnerability checks) you will need to contact Fortify Technical Support at fortifytechsupport@hpe.com and they will provide you with the current location of the offline securebase update repository.