Macro adding wrong agent on save

I am using WI 10.3.  My application requires IE8 or greater.  I have IE8 on my WI system.  I am attempting to create a macro with the unified macro writer.  I log into my system and the expected page loads.  When stopping the recording the macro the utility does an automatic save.  I then click the 'play all' button to test the macro.  The utility does another automatic save and my initial page loads, but not completely.  When I check the proxy capture I see that WI has added gets to the end of the macro that don't show in the macro recorder.  These gets are not fully formed and recieving 403 forbidden errors.

  • epw;


    Were you using the Macro Recorder within the Guided Scan Wizard, Basic Scan Wizard, or from the stand-alone Login Macro Recorder?  The later is my preference, since it allows me to focus on creating the login artifact and not mix in the scan settings and other sessions of the Wizard(s).


    Are these extra sessions appearing during the Playback when building the Macro, or later in the Scan Wizard when the selected Macros are all played and the user is provided the option to manually add/inspect additional Locations?


    Did you switch the Macro Recorder from its default Mozilla rendering engine to the MSIE rendering engine?  The Mozilla engine offers more advanced parsing of event activities, while the IE-based engine is more of a session recorder, as you would get if you used the Web Proxy tool to record and save as a Login Macro.  The Macro Recorder does not use your installed MSIE browser for the rendering.


    Within the Mozilla-based rendering engine, the left-hand panel offers a "Script Level" slider, just under the word "Window".  This slider is set to 1 and has options for 2 or 3.  If you move this slider from 1 to 3, you should see additional sessions appear in this pane.  Does this action expose these mystery added sessions you found in the proxy capture?  These "extras" are dynamic sessions that the Recorder felt were unnecessary as part of the Macro, that they would be handled during the replay dynamically based on the server's needs.  Sometimes these extra sessions are in fact needed for the Macro playback.


    Are these extra GETs hampering the playback of the Macro, i.e. spoiling the session state or just failing to complete the Playback?  You can set any sessions to be Optional, using the "shadowy foot" icon for that particular session.  Optional sessions will not hold up a Playback.