Installation Problem



I download HP WebInspect 10.30 Trial on my MSSQL 2008 Standart wich was installing long time before. And I found webinspect job not trully best. Cause of that I uninstall Webinspect 10.30 and MSSQL 2008, to make clear ugrade for MSSQL 2012, cause version 10.30 support it.


Now I clean all, and when I try to install WebInspect 10.30 he became freeze. In process I see installer, but no answer. If I try this installer - WebInspect64.msi - he said: configuration data for this product are damaged. Please contact support.


Can enyone help me to fix it?


Thx for advances.


  • I will send you a private message with a link to download a fresh copy of WebInspect 10.30.  If your installer file had a "_FR" prefix in its file name, then that is the "Full Release" version which includes the .NET 4.5 pre-requisite and also SQL Express 2012.  If you will be connecting WebInspect to a standard SQL Server, you will only want to use the plain installer file that lacks this "_FR" moniker.