How to create an alert that send emails when there are new critical issues in a project?

Hi the community,

In HP Fortify SSC web app , in menu Administration I would like to create an Alert Definition  called : New critical issues

I would like this alert send an email only if there are new critcial issues in a project.

Is it possible? If yes could please tell me how to do it?

Is it the following Type/Entity definition that will help me?

Type : Threshold -Performance indicator

Entity  : Remediation effort - critical issues

By the way , could you please tell me which documentation should I download to have a description of what I can do within the web app (user Manual)?

Thx in advance,


  • Yes, this is possible with SSC Server.  You can download all of its documentation here on Protect724 at the following click/URL path.  16.10 is the current release.  There are also the same materials available as HTML downloads rather than these PDFs.

    1. >>  PDF: Software Security Center v16.10
    2. >> HPE Security Fortify Software Security Center Server
    3. >> HPE Security Fortify Software Security Center User Guide

    From the User Guide:

    • Around page 25 it describes how to enable sending of Alerts.
    • Starting at page 31, there are details on the user Roles and which ones have which Permissions to manage or edit Alerts.
    • Chapter 5 (page 81) describes the available KPI, Variables, and possible Alerts, including Creation and Editing.
  • Thank you for the doc references but actually I am a beginner with the Fortify tool.

    I 've read the doc but I still cannot find a way to meet my goal : "

    How to create an alert that send emails when there are new critical issues"

    I've seen that it exists variables NEWISSUES but I still don't know how to do the comparison of the new issues between the last and current scan.  Il would like to be alerted only if they are new criticial issues. I don't want to be alerted every time there is at least one criticial issue on the projet.

    Any help please?