where do we find smartupdate last run or policys updated ?


  • Jana;

    I assume you are referring to the new feature with WebInspect 10.40 that states, "Users can now easily identify which policies will be affected by an addition or change in a vulnerability check when they run HP SmartUpdate."  Unfortunately, while this looks great at the moment you are running the SmartUpdate, its data is not accessible once the downloads have been accepted.  This was the first release for this feature, and I suspect it will be expanded in later releases.

    The two new tabs on the SmartUpdate window, "Checks" and "Policies", allow users to see which policies are affected by a specific check or which checks are affected in a given policy. This information helps users understand whether the differences between scans are due to a change in WebInspect or a change in the application being scanned.  For more information, see the “SmartUpdate” topic in the WebInspect help.

    After the download, these screens and details are not accessible.  You still have the same, established option of using the Policy Manager tool > Search > "Last Updated" "Is Greater Than".  This method will only show new or updated Checks, not other background updates such as Audit Engines or the Policy mappings/changes.