Move project version to different project in SSC

Is there an easy way to move a project version to a different project?

I have many projects that are basically containers to show ownership of different project versions. I need to move a few project versions to a new owner, as operating groups have realigned themselves.

For example:

Project1 has the following versions: ver1, ver2, ver3, ver4

Project2 has the following versions: ver7, ver12, ver14

The owner of Project1 is now the owner of ver14. Project2 owner no longer has any need to access anything relating to ver14.

ver14 needs to be moved under Project1 and not be accessible under Project2 any longer. I know I can download all artifacts, delete the project, create a new project with the same name under Project1, and then reupoad the artifacts.

My question is - is there an easier way to move these versions to new projects? I didn't see any way in the GUI. Maybe an SQL script where I could change the main project?


SSC 19.2

WIE: 19.2

  • Hi Jmatheny,


    I think you could do this via the "New Version" functionality in the SSC UI, see attached screenshot

    • Login to SSC
    • Go to Project 1
    • Click New Version
    • Type ver14 in the Version Name box
    • Check "Use Existing Version"
    • Click 'Browse' and locate Project 2 - ver14
    • Check "Application State" checkbox to copy application state (scan data)
    • Click Next/Finish
    • Delete Project 2 - ver14 after new project is created under Project 1