Browser Versions

I am attempting to create login macros for a new web application and need to know which browser versions are bundled with the system so that they can be added to the whitelist on the web application (currently they are only allowing IE 11 and the newest version of Chrome).

  • Currently the Web Macro Recorders are using FireFox 30 and Gecko 59 instances. There are ways to modify the user-agent to appear as other browsers.

  • Users can manually test these browsers by running the following executables (stand-alone browsers).  I find it "safest" to Copy their folder and Paste that as a peer to the \Fortify WebInspect\ folder, e.g. ..\Fortify\browser\ and ..\Fortify\browser59\.

    • C:\Program Files\Fortify\Fortify WebInspect\browser\browser.exe  (older Firefox 30 )
    • C:\Program Files\Fortify\Fortify WebInspect\browser59\truclientbrowser.exe  (Firefox 59)
      • For WI 19.10, this one is used in the LMR tool if you first change the Application Settings.  This is a "technical preview" for now.


    If you absolutely must use MSIE, then you could record the login process with MSIE and the Web Proxy tool.  The File menu in Web Proxy permits you to "Create Macro".  You will want to specify the Login Macro's name, and put in "something" as the Logout Condition.  Once generated, you can open this with the LMR tool, and it will automatically switch tot he "IE-based Rendering engine, which is the older, more primitive session-based recorder versus the default Gecko, event-based recording.  You may need to review the Logout Conditions manually, but that would be one alternative to get the macro recorded.