How to view the Traffic Monitor files in another system(that does not have WebInspect installed)

Hi All 

Recently, I came up with an request to share the information on the request, response and URLs scanned by WebInspect. 

1. Looking at this request, I thought that the data from Traffic Monitor would provide all the information. Hence, while initiating the scan, I enabled the Traffic Monitor. At the end of the scan, I saved the TM file(which gets saved as one format only) and sent it to another system. Unfortunately, I was unable to access it. I tried using Microsoft Excel, but couldn't. So my query is - Is there a way through which I can view the traffic monitor files? 

2. I also wanted to take a list of crawled URLs. I got the report in pdf. Is there a way I can get the report in excel format? I downloaded the report in Excel format as well, but it is just the same as the pdf. There are no proper rows and columns. Does WI provide a genuine xls format report? 




  • Site Explorer is the way to go for sharing scans (plus traffic) with users who have no WebInspect license.  They can download it from here:

    You can export the scan using Site Explorer on your own machine.  The traffic will be embedded and other users of Site Explorer can open and view bot hthe results and the traffic.

    As for the report format - what you see now is all that is available.  Your best option at the presnet time might be to export as XML and perform transformations to produce the desired end result.


  • The Site Viewer tool is what you would want to use in the future.  It comes with WebInspect and can also be downloaded from our Fortify Marketplace (  It does not permit scanning, simply viewing of finished scans.


    For your current needs....


    The Traffic Monitor log format is *.TSF.  This file can be opened with Traffic Monitor or our included Web Proxy tool. For use on a non-WebInspect machine, you can download and install the WebInspect Standalone Toolkit, available where you downloaded the WebInspect installer (  The Site Explorer tool cannot open these files/captures, only WebInspect scans



    As for XLS output, there is a Report option for that, but as you discovered it produces a "prettified" report rather than raw data.  You might be able to parse that in Excel, but it would be a chore.  There is no CSV format output in WebInspect, whether for Reports or Exports.  I believe your best option would be the the (crawled) URLs export.

    Separately, many user find value in the Full Export to XML format, which outputs the entire Site Tree, the Issues found, plus all of the Remediation Information as shown in the WebInspect UI.  You would then need to import that file's available fields to your desired system.  This option is found under the File menu > Export > Scan Details > "Full Export".