How to view the Traffic Monitor files in another system(that does not have WebInspect installed)

Hi All 

Recently, I came up with an request to share the information on the request, response and URLs scanned by WebInspect. 

1. Looking at this request, I thought that the data from Traffic Monitor would provide all the information. Hence, while initiating the scan, I enabled the Traffic Monitor. At the end of the scan, I saved the TM file(which gets saved as one format only) and sent it to another system. Unfortunately, I was unable to access it. I tried using Microsoft Excel, but couldn't. So my query is - Is there a way through which I can view the traffic monitor files? 

2. I also wanted to take a list of crawled URLs. I got the report in pdf. Is there a way I can get the report in excel format? I downloaded the report in Excel format as well, but it is just the same as the pdf. There are no proper rows and columns. Does WI provide a genuine xls format report? 




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