Unable to use Web Browsers with WebInspect

Hi All 

I have recently updated WebInspect in my system. While trying to record macro/ do a manual scan, we faced issues in Internet Explorer. Hence we disabled the IE Enhanced Security Setting. Also enabled "Manage 3rd party web browser extension" 

However, even after doing these changes, we still found issues in scans. 

1. If we do  a manual scan, we get the alert that "3rd Party Browser Extension is not enabled." We checked and found it was already enabled. 

2. During Macro recording, if the selected browser is FireFox, and we click on Record, all the buttons on the screen get disabled and the browser screen remains blank. 

Please advise on this issue.

  • You may need to work with Fortify Support (support.fortify.com) on this issue.

    There had been related issues with the Web Macro Recorder for certain Microsoft Updates which damaged the built-in Mozilla browser and resulted in odd screen behavior in the TruClient tool.  Yours sounds similar yet not identical to those.

    As for the browser add-on for WebInspect, do you recall if you installed the update as a Local Administrator or not?  Are you operating WebInspect as a Local Administrator also?  Support may need to assist you with removing or resetting the add-on so that it can be properly replaced.