Review Vulnerability becomes invisible at times

Dear All 

On certain occasions, I find that the review vulnerability function becomes unavailable while I right-click an issue to retest the issue. 

In general, I restart WebInspect and get this functionality visible. 

My question is - 

Is there any other way ?


  • Never heard of that one.  If it was somehow attributed to the installation's profile/configuration, I might try deleting the \dat\ folder found under the C:\Program Files\HP\HP WebInspect\ installation folder.  It should rebuild on restart of WebInspect, but I generally Rename rather than Delete the first time around. when tinkering


    Otherwise, I would Zip up the WebInspect logs directory and open a support case at

    • %appdata%\..\Local\HP\HP WebInspect\Logs\00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000\