Submitting a cloudscan to the SSC

Is it possible to submit a cloudscan to an SSC? 

We only have a V19.2 ssc installed and not a cloud controller.

If it is possible, what type of token is required to authenticate?

I have tried several token types - all give me the access denied message.

The command looks like this: 

/opt/Fortify/Fortify_SCA_and_Apps_19.2.3/bin/cloudscan -sscurl http://fortify:8080/ssc -ssctoken 8e9df4c3-198f-44a8-80de-282ee8390c88 start -bt mvn -bf pom.xml -email **PERSONAL INFORMATION REMOVED** -upload -application an_app -version 0.0.1 -uptoken 8e9df4c3-198f-44a8-80de-282ee8390c88