How to automate webinspect smart update?

Dear all, I like to konw if there exists a possiblity that the smart update for WIE / WI can be fully automated without any user interaction (silent)? I have seen that there exists a utility "smartupdater.exe" in the program files folder but I don't know if this can be used via command line.

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    There is a way to launch the SmartUpdate GUI from CLI, but that is not truly useful for automation as you want.  Ref:

    I am going to ask internally for other options.

    The WebInspect API does nto currently appear to have a SmartUpdate option either.  They really want the user to click the "Download Now" link, don't they?


    For WIE, you have a much easier time.  In the WIE Console (thick client), the administrators would add a Scheduled SmartUpdate.  This will fetch the WebInspect/Sensor parts needed.  Updates to the attack database would be pushed to Sensors as needed.  For new releases, the administrators would need to use the SmartUpdate Approval panel to accept the latest WebInspect version, and then that would roll out automatically to the Sensors.

    If your WebInspect users had Activation Tokens with the Server Mode set to either Roaming or Fixed, they would receive their updates from their local/connected WIE Manager via this process, and not directly from Fortify.  Most WebInspect Activation Tokens are unfortunately set to "Standalone", so it is likely that your installations are not under WIE control.  A call to Fortify Licensing can correct that to "Roaming" if you wish.  anyways, those WIE-connected WebInspect users would auto-SmartUpdate when launching the GUI, but again I do not know about an automated CLI SmartUpdate option just yet.