URL Exclusion & Inclusions in HP Web Inspect

Hi Team,

I need to include only a set of url's to be scanned by HP (Web Inspect 16.10) from a big list of url's in an application. We have option to write RegEx for excluding URL's or patterns and not for including. As in my case, the list of URL's to be excluded are high in number and include URL's are less, I decided to write 'negation' rule set for URL's to be included. So that negation rule set url's will be included and rest of the url's will be excluded. I tried writing negation rule set but couldn't able to succeed. Could you please help me in writing the same. Below is my requirement.

Main URL: http://samplescan.com/crawl/spider/

Under spider folder, I need below pages to be included in the scan. All the pages, apart from below have to be excluded from the scan.

Pages to be included: testadmin.html, testaccount.html, testpage.html

Pages to be excludedadmin.html, adminaccount.html, usersmith.html.............1oothpage.html

Thanks in advance!!