Does Fortify 17.10 support High Availability (HA)

Hi, We are installing Fortify products (17.10) on cloud evnironment starting with SSC, SCA and Webinspect. Does any of these support High Availability (HA). Did not find any information related to HA in the installation guide.

  • No, the Fortify SSC Server and HPE WebInspect Enterprise Manager products do not directly support HA. Advanced customers may have a Warm Fail-over configured with a secondary, cloned system. The key component is to ensure frequent database backups for these products, since those house the findings and also all of the Project definitions, user accounts, and user Roles. Recovery is simply a process of install the software, connect to existing database, apply licenses, move on.. These products operate as simple or "dumb" ODBC clients to their respective databases. The implementation could include encryption on the transport connection or within the storage, or even custom communication ports, and our product would likely be unaware of that, as a simple "user" connection. You may be able to configure HA for the database component.