Technical Issues in Fortify SCA Windows and Applications

Hi Fortify Tech Folks,
One of our client is experiencing an issue. Please see below the details
Our issue in Fortify SCA is about the generated reports. Some of the reports generated from a scanned visual studio project doesn't show code snippets. I tried to check the file but the is already set to false. Current SCA version: 19.2
This is critical for us since code snippets helps us in auditing the findings.
We need to resolve the issue ASAP. Your help & assistance will be very much appreciated.
Nathan Pitero
  • Hello ,

    What type of report are you trying to run? (Legacy or BIRT)

    Also where are you trying to run the report from Command line or from the Visual Studio Plugin? 

    If from command line what command to you use?

    For a quicker resolution, I would suggest opening a support ticket with the infromation you provided and the answers to the above questions to help jump start the case. (They may also ask for the FPR and logs from %localappdata%\Fortify)


    Here is a handy guide for Micro Focus's Support Process and a walkthrough on the support site:


    -- Matt Hacker