Scan Status is Running but Audit remains constant for days


I have started scan for an application, I received an error message during profiling the site " SSL configuration failed to connect to target site" I verified the SSL certificate and it was fine and after reading post in this forum, that I can continue scan with this error, I started the scan.

The scan runs fine until some point and after which there is no progress in the Audit on the dashboard, No motion on the network and analysis graphs .Number of attacks sent, HTTP Requests count etc.. all these numbers on the right corner of the dashboard remains constant, But the Scan status is Runnning and the Time is running. 

I had left the scan in this status Overnight, everything was constant. so, then I paused the scan and resumed and it works fine, I have to do this pause resume every 30mins or 1 hour and I can see very very little progress but still the scan has not completed.

After doing this for 4 days, I created a new scan for the same application and selected for crawl only, the crawl was successfully completed. So, hoping it to work fine I clicked on the Audit button on the tool bar and selected audit policy as standard, The scan was normal for until some point and now it is again stuck. same status as said in the above two paragraphs.

Kindly help me with the solution to complete this scan. 

  • Most all WebInspect scans should complete within 1 day.  Anything beyond that indicates a problem with the scan configuration (all defaults) versus a site that has some special action, it is truly a gigantic enterprise site, or it is an installation issue.  You will want to collect your system data and contact Fortify Support ( for a closer review of the scan and WebInspect.

    • Verify that you have run SmartUpdate and are on the latest release (16.20 English, 16.10 all others)
    • Open the Help menu > Support> and run the Support Tool.  Save that output.
    • Export the scan to *.SCAN format, and enable the option for "Include Logs".
    • Locate the WebInspect logs folder and Zip them up.  Check your Application Settings > Directories > Logs path, and grab the entire folder within that path that is named with all zeroes ("0000...")