Export WI Scan History


We have been using WI standalone version for couple of years which led to massive amount of information about scans just sitting in the tool. Lately, for historical purposes and for the sake of better making decisions about scans duration, we wanted to somehow export all that info we have about scans under "Manage Scan" menu.  Unfortunately, WI tool doesn't have the functionality to export all that info to xml, cvs, xls etc...

I have reached out to support awhile ago about this, and they said that this option was not available in WI and it might be considered as feature to add in future releases. 

I wanted to know if any one of you in this community has found a way to export your scan history, whether via WI itself or by using some 3rd party software. 

Thank you very much!


  • The data that makes up the Manage Scans view in WebInspect is available in the scans.xml file located in %localappdata%\HP\HP WebInspect\ScanData. You should be able to use this data to create what you are looking for.

  • Thanks for your reply. 

    The file does exist but it is almost empty, this is all it contains "<Scans />." Scans under Manage Scans are still viewable and loadable. Could that xml file or a similar file that provides the same functionality exist somewhere else?

  • Well it never is easy is it, sounds like one of two things:

    1. WebInspect is being run as another user, or
    2. You are storing your data in SQL Server instead of SQLExpress.

    Running a trace on the database, we can see the following query is executed to populate the Manage Scans screen in WebInspect:

    SELECT ScanID, ScanName, StartUrl, IsScheduled, PolicyUniqueID, IsReadOnly, ScanDate, CounterDataXml, ElapsedTimeSpan, Status, ChildScanType,Settings,ParentScanID FROM Scan WHERE ScanID = RootScanID ORDER BY ScanDate


  • No, it is not. I appreciate your response. 

    The query is great and it served it's purpose. I was able to pull some data with it, but not everything.  Unfortunately, the "Scan" table did not have all the columns I was looking for (see attachment) besides ScanName, Scan Date (which you wold have to convert to proper format when you copy it to excel), Scan ID and other hashes and stuff which I thought were not important for now. 

    What I was more interested in was the "Duration" Column since some of the analysis I'll be doing will be based on that column. My guess that they are located in different tables maybe!!! Any thoughts on this?

    for those who like GUI, you could use MSSQL Server Management Studio. the Scan DB is located in YourServerName/Databases/YourDataBaseName/Tables/dbo.scan then right click and choose "Select Top 1000 Rows", more columns will be displayed that might work for you. 



  • Verified Answer

    Below is an improved query that solves a problem with the returned elapsed time, which appears to be a representation of Ticks vs MS. 

    Where it says '%lookMeUp%' , this is your search string, so you replace lookMeUp with whatever string you are searching in your scan name. 

    This query as is solves my problem that I had initially opened this thread for. feel free to improve on it. 


    /****** Script for SelectTopNRows command from SSMS  ******/

    SELECT TOP (1000) [ScanID]






                LEFT('0' CONVERT(nvarchar(2), (p.[ElapsedTimeSpan] / 10000 / 86400000)), 2),':',

                CONVERT(varchar, DATEADD(ms,(p.[ElapsedTimeSpan] / 10000),0), 114)

            ) as [ElapsedTimeSpanFormatted]






     FROM [WEBINSPECT].[dbo].[Scan] p

     WHERE ScanName LIKE '%lookMeUp%' AND

    ScanID = RootScanID

     ORDER BY ScanDate