Gradle-SCA Integration Build ID Not Found

I am performing a grade scan integrated with SCA using sourceanalyzer commands as per SCA Guide document. SCA Clean and Translation phase were successful and gradle build also didn't throw any error however when I initiate the Scan phase to generate FPR, SCA throws error as "[error]: Unable to load build session with ID "testscan". Below are my environment details


sourceanalyzer -b testscan -verbose -clean
sourceanalyzer -b testscan -verbose gradle clean compile
sourceanalyzer -b testscan -verbose -scan -f testscan.fpr

Environment Details:

SCA Version: 19.1.2
Gradle Version: 2.13
Java Version: 1.8.0_231
Rulepacks: 2020 Q2


sourceanalyzer -show-build-ids command also didn't show any build ids. Has anyone encountered the issue before and was there any resolution to it?



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