Links in the Fix section of the report are blue but do not open

When creating a report, I select Executive Summary and then Vulnerability (Legacy). When the report opens, the links do not work. This is a big issue because these links (under the Fix:) allow the developers to learn about the vulnerability and help fix it. The "links" are blue but are not accessible. 

  • Are you clicking on the links in the report viewer within WebInspect? If so, they may not work. Save the report as a PDF and open in Acrobat Reader and they should be accessible there. Here is a short video clip demonstrating the behavior -

  • This is after I have saved the reports and I open them in Adobe. The only links that are accessible are the ones that are shown as links, such as https://....

    If they are a .pdf or shown as a link with out the header, then you cannot open it. I can open them in Webinspect, just not when I send them to the customer  for remediation. 

    For example, under Reference, there is

    Transport Layer Protection Cheat Sheet (which is a link)

    But when trying to click on it, it acts like there is no link. Same with CWE, NIST. etc. Why have those as references and blue if they will not allow the customer to open them to help with understanding and fixing the finding?

    I have attached a screen shot of part of the .pdf. The links are there, but you cannot click on them. 

  • Oh yeah, I forgot about those.  This is a known issue. WebInspect uses a third-party component that is no longer available. Dev is investigating alternate ways to generate reports to be added in a future release of the product.

    With that being said, I think the SSR team is trying to add the URL instead of embedding it to overcome this as you see some of them are listed this way. I've reached out to the SSR team to see if we can get these modified to overcome this issue.

    To make this more "formal" can you open a ticket with technical support?