Have any other standalone exe for creating macro file under webinspect license

 My objective is to automate webinspect tool. Using WebInspect RestAPI Im uploading .webmacro file and create scan. But I want to create macro file without accessing WebInspect Enterprise Application. Could you please suggest have any tool or .exe for creating .webmacro file? 

  • There may be several ways you can enable this automation and need to record Workflow Macros.

    • There is a free/unlicensed product available only from our Fortify Support team (https://softwaresupport.softwaregrp.com) known as the Web Proxy Standalone API Tool.  This is a Windows installer that runs almost the same REST API offered by the WebInspect product, but only the endpoints for the Web Proxy functionality.  This tool permits you to set up a "recording machine" where Workflow Macros can be captured with the Web Proxy tool and saved as Workflow Macros to be used elsewhere in WebInspect or WebInspect Enterprise.


    • BURP Proxy captures can be used directly as WebInspect Workflow Macros.  Since BURP (freeware) is a Java JAR file, you can operate this proxy on more systems than simply Windows.  Once the sessions are captured, you have to open the Proxy tab, use Select All, and then save as a file.  There are probably ways to automate these actions in BURP.  Please note that BURP will offer no file extension for the saved capture file, so I would recommend adding some moniker such as the following so you can recall its use in WebInspect and its recording source.
      • *BRP.webmacro




    • There is a free/unlicensed product for you called the WebInspect Standalone Toolkit.  This is generally listed in the downloads site (SSO) alongside the WebInspect product download.  This Toolkit encompasses most but not all of the Tools you normally associate with the WebInspect Tools menu.  This Toolkit only installs fro windows, and is meant to enable your staff who do not have access to WebInspect itself.  this product may not assist with your automation needs.


    • Another tool that helps share the scan results is the Site Explorer tool, available from our Fortify Marketplace (https://marketplace.microfocus.com/fortify).  Again, this Windows tool will not help your automation needs, but it can provide your non-WebInspect user community a way to review WebInspect desktop scans rather than static reports.



    All of the above items were posed around the need to record Workflow Macros.  Please note that for Login Macros your only/primary option is to use the Login Macro Recorder tool.  Your secondary option is to capture the login sequence in the Web Proxy tool/API/endpoint, save it as a *.webmacro file, open that file in the Login Macro Recorder, and then manually determine and define the Logout Conditions.

  • Thanks much for the detailed response. Can I use truclient for creating macros?
  • Verified Answer

    I recommend staying with the WebInspect Web Macro Recorder that is part of the Toolkit Hans mentioned. This is a "custom/modified" version of TrueClient. The WebInspect toolkit is not currently available on the Micro Focus marketplace, but should be available in your support portal downloads.