only few scans are being populated in Burp-webinspect connector

I have successfully integrated burp with webinspect but i can see only 2 scans out of 15 webinspect scans that are being populated in burp plugin.  Any one know why the other scans are not in sync with burp while all other options are working fine..!

  • Hello ,

    Do you know if all those scans are created by the user who is running the API service ? It could be due to the fact that those scans are created from GUI by different user.

  • Also,  this only happens if you are using sqlexpress as database . Reason being  that scan files are stored under specific user folder C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\HP\HP WebInspect\ScanData and no one else except that user got access to that folder. Its more a windows security limitation than application at this point.

  • A simple fix is to set the Logon As for the WebInspect API Windows service to be the same Windows user that activated and uses WebInspect.

    I have also seen some customers move their ScanData folder (see under Application Settings > Directories) to a new location, e.g. D:\WebInspect\ScanData\.  They then gave Full permissions for that directory not only to their Windows user account but also to whatever account was operating the WebInspect API service..