How to generate WebInspect report from CLI with "Vulnerability Details" as available in UI

I am setting up WebInspect to run from CLI and need my report to be detailed. UI provides to select "Vulnerability Details" which includes Request/Response etc. Can I leverage this functionality from CLI options also, if yes then how?

  • Verified Answer

    Below are the current options for the WebInspect 18.20 CLI, in terms of Reports.  The {-y} option seems promising, but is not documented enough to know.  I believe you will be best off designing a Report Favorite in the UI, and then using that template for your CLI report using the {-w} option.

    The WebInspect API also offers Reports output (recently added), but it does not seem to offer the level of customization you are seeking at this time.  You will need to start/configure the API and may access it at this (default) address:  localhost:8083/.../index


    Reports ---------------------------------------------------------

    -r {report_name} name of the report to run

    Alert View
    Attack Status
    Crawled URLS
    Developer Reference
    Executive Summary
    False Positive
    QA Summary
    Scan Difference
    Scan Log
    Vulnerability (Legacy)

    -w {favorite_name} name of the report favorite to run

    -ag aggregate reports in report favorite

    -y {report_type} the type of report, either 'Standard' or 'Custom'
    -f {export_file} where to export the report file - file path and file name

    -gp export report as Portable Document Format(PDF) file
    -gh export report as HTML file
    -ga export report as raw report file
    -gc export report as rich text format (RTF) file
    -gx export report as text
    -ge export report as Excel file

    -t {filepath} use given compliance template file