WebInspect Training Opportunity - EMEA - Germany

On several occasions I have mentioned as part of response to various ​ questions that this is covered in the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Software Education training.  As always mentioned training on a product does many things from helping to improve your use of the product to reducing time to troubleshoot and resolve issues.  Training is the cornerstone of any successful operation within an organization.

Now while I know this message is short notice, I will be presenting training next week in Munich Germany for the HPE WebInspect product.  This training is a 3 day course on the WebInspect Product and we still have a few seats available for anyone that might be interested.

Information on the session can be found in the WebInspect portion of the Fortify section of the Software Security Education Catalog.

I hope some of you might consider attending and I will get the opportunity to see you there.


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