Fortify Workbench (SCA) updates not working

It appears 4.30 is the latest version.  We have 4.21 installed on Windows.  Every time I choose "Help -> Check for Upgrades", it says  "Unable to contact server.  Update Not Available".

How can this be fixed?  The computer is connected to the Internet normally and can browse the web.

  • 4.30 is indeed the latest version at time of writing.

    The "Check for Upgrades" feature in Audit Workbench does not check for updates from HP directly, but instead, it checks for updates available on an SSC server configured to host versions of SCA inside your network. This requires some configuration on the server, as described in the SSC install & config guide (Chapter 12).

    So, there's two possible causes for this problem:

    1. Your SSC server is not configured to host SCA updates
    2. The SSC update URL is not properly configured in Audit Workbench's options