HPE Security Fortify Assessment: Can't connect to SSC server com.fortify.ws.client.FortifyWebServiceException


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Im new to the group, i apologize if this is a repeat question, i did attempt to search for it.

Ive installed the plugin and updated the serviceContext.xml as per the documentation. However when i put the token in Jenkins i get the following error

Can't connect to SSC server

com.fortify.ws.client.FortifyWebServiceException: An internal error has occurred.

(org.springframework.ws.soap.client.SoapFaultClientException: Token based authentication is not allowed for this server configuration.)

     at com.fortify.ws.client.AbstractWSClient.transformException(AbstractWSClient.java:239)

     at com.fortify.ws.client.AbstractWSClient.sendRequest(AbstractWSClient.java:142)

     at com.fortify.ws.client.AbstractWSClient.sendRequest(AbstractWSClient.java:113)

     at com.fortify.ws.client.ProjectClient.getProjects(ProjectClient.java:32)

     at com.fortify.plugin.jenkins.fortifyclient.FortifyClient.getProjectListEx(Fort