Help Fortify - submit your iOS API usage

We're gathering data about customer usage of iOS frameworks to better help us prioritize support. To help us accomplish this goal, we've created a script that will walk through compiled iOS applications to identify and output the frameworks used and their frequency. If you develop iOS applications and are interested in helping us, please follow these steps:

  1. Download attached script (.sh file)
  2. Put the script in the same folder as one or more iOS application bundles (.ipa files, A.K.A,  what you download when you get an app from the app store)
  3. Make sure the script is executable (run "chmod x <path to .sh file>” without the quotes)
  4. Run the script ("./<path to .sh file>” without the quotes)

The run should produce two output files — file_list.txt and libs_list.txt. They contain a count of how many references there are to each included framework (letting us see what frameworks are used more frequently). Please feel free to inspect these text files.

When ready, please zip the above files and email them to: