"WebInspect Deep Dive" tutorial now live!

Hey Protect724 Community! Following on from his excellent , Mr Rick Smith returns with an in depth look at some of the tools which can be used to troubleshoot problematic WebInspect scans. He also dives into a selection of real life scenarios and demonstrates how the tools were put to use in resolving the underlying issues.

You can find the full session here: WebInspect Deep Dive [Full]

Or alternatively the session is also available in chapter form at:

WD01 Introduction

WD02 Traffic Monitor

WD03 Web Proxy

WD04 WebInspect UI

WD05 Broken Scans - Missing Pages

WD06 Broken Scans - No Vulns

WD07 Broken Scans - Short Scan With Few Findings

WD08 Broken Scans - Slow Scan #1

WD09 Broken Scans - Slow Scan #2

WD10 Broken Scans - Missing Pages #2