License Infrastructure Manager creating significantly large (> 8GB) log files.

Is anyone having problems with their License Infrastructure Manager creating significantly large (>8GB) log files in the \inetpub\Logs\LogFiles\W3SVC1 directory? After a few days of this event it takes all of my free hard drive space and shuts down my server. I may be on the wrong track here but I've narrowed it down to the User-Agent that IIS looks for and when it uses this service, /LIMService/LeaseService.asmx it worked fine but for whatever reason it now uses this service, ?HP.AppSec.Lim.Services/AgentTaskService.asmx which is getting the 404 error. I can't find where I need to make the change for setting to use the previous service. I've searched all over the IIS manager and no luck. Any help I can get is greatly appreciated.



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    Nevermind! I figured it out myself. I had to go to C:\Program Files\HP\HP License and Infrastructure Manager\Bin directory and right click LimInitialize.exe to open with admin rights and basically re-initialize the service by creating a new user even though I used the same information I was using before and leaving the authentication setup as anonymous which is what I had before. Once I did that the log files were back to normal in the KB size as opposed to GB size within an hour. Trying to use the License and Infrastructure Manager Initialize via the program menu has never worked for me, if it had I probably would have figured this out sooner.

    I hope this information can help someone else so that they don't  lose a couple of days work trying to figure it out.