One license, one laptop


It seems that our configuration must be wrong somehow.  I have a single license in use, but want all users who logon to the computer using domain credentials to have access to it.  It's still only one use at a time, right?  So how do I do that?


  • The license you have is termed "Named" and the way the licensing works is that the license instance becomes attached to the first user who activates it - hence the terminology.

    Your options are to have everyone log onto the machine using the same account - say a dedicated "WebInspect" account, or you can have each user deactivate the license when they're done (something of a pain if someone forgets), or you can look into changing your license to so-called "Concurrent" which would be better named "Shared" because only one user can use an instance at any one time and the instance is returned to a pool when they're done.  However there is a premium on a Concurrent license (check with your sales contact) and you will need to set up a (lightweight) license server ("LIM") to manage the pools.  The LIM can be hosted on the same machine as WebInspect if needs be, but does require IIS so should ideally be hosted on a machine running a Windows Server OS.  

  • That first option, to have all the users share a logon, is a violation of the EULA.

    The Named User is solely meant for the use of one Windows user on one machine.  The user can self Deactivate the license or call upon Fortify Support to process a Soft Deactivation on their side.  Once freed, that WebInspect Activation Token may then be activated by another user or on another machine.

    The Concurrent User license model is a better fit to support multiple part-time users and multiple installations of WebInspect desktop.  The HPE LIM Server needed to maintain the license pool requires MSFT IIS, e.g. https://IISserver/LIMservice.   See the WebInspect Installation Guide for detials on installing the LIM. Concurrent User licenses may also be configured by the LIM administrator to allow "Detachment", such that a "leased" license behaves as a Named User license and may be carried outside of the network for X days.

    For these enhancements to license management, the CC license model does cost a little more than the NU license model.  You can pay for an Upgrade SKU and your HPE Sales rep can then exchange your WI NU license(s) for a WI CC license(s).

    An alternative could swapping out the NU licnse between users could be to activate the WebInspect API and use that remotely to issue scan commands from this activated machine.  This is typically used for light automation, and a single WebInspect desktop instance may eventually become a bottleneck based on the overall user community needs.

  • Looking at upgrading to a CC license, but concerned about the operation of the LIM.  Is that the only way to do a CC license?  We can't just opt for connecting to HPE for license management?  Is there a limit on how many users you can set up in the LIM?  I realize you can only use 1 at a time with 1 CC license, but wondering how many in the pool you can set up.  Also, does the LIM require a specific version of SQL?  We have SQL SVR 2012 now, but read somewhere it needs CE.  Any weight to that?

  • Unfortunately, yes, using LIM is the only way to use a concurrent license.  It's a very lightweight component, however, and once set up is maintenance free.  Just create a pool with the single instance and any number of users can pull that license (when available) from the pool using the pool name and password.

    SQL CE is used by LIM but it's built in so there's no need to install any database software separately.

  • Thanks for the reply.  Does the LIM need to be set up on a separate server, or can I set it up on my scanning laptop running Win7?  Just a small instance of IIS, right?  I can't find any system requirements of the LIM.

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