Migrating fortify software security center 360 to fortify SSC 4.40

I'm seeding process template with the ssc-configuration-wizard and i have the problem below: Unknown column 'projectmet0_.systemUsage' in 'field list'. How can i resolve it ?

  • Daniel,

    Did you open a ticket with support?  I believe you have to upgrade in increments, so if you're using a really old version of SSC like 4.10 you have to upgrade to 4.30 (I believe) first before 4.40.  Also with 4.40 you need to change the database collation to case sensitive.  When I went from 4.30 to 16.10 I had to upgrade from 4.30 - 4.40 - 16.10 and apply the DB updates in between.

  • Thanks for your response. Yes, I have a ticket with support. It's a good idea to upgrade with incréments, i try it.